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User Experience.

Client Presentation//

User Experience//

Website Design//

Responsive Design.



A local art gallery went through analysis and research to determine website user experience and how to improve their online interactions with potential customers.
I presented a new direction for the website based on this research to draw more web traffic and to help encourage online purchases.



After the initial research phase, the first step was to rebrand to better appeal to the target audience and set a new tone for the website that is clean. This allows the artwork on each page to shine before any other design aspects, as well as make it more usable to the artists themselves. I used a simple black and white color scheme, with an occasional pop of maroon color for emphasis, so that it would go with all the artwork highlighted. For usability, my main concern was to improve the search function and overall organization of the site to make it easier for guests to find their favorite artists, or discover new work quickly and easily. At the end, a client presentation was created to highlight the research and direction of the new website.

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